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p-Bromo Aniline
1,1'-Biphenyl, 4-bromo-4'-iodo-
4-Methylsalicylic acid
Methyl cinnamate
2-Iodophenylacetic acid
2-Chloro-5-Iodobenzoic acid
PU adhesive series

ABOUT US Yida Chem

Inner Mongolia Yida Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a private limited liability company. As a professional and scientific research-oriented manufacturer of fine chemical products, our company has rich practical experience in the aspects of diazotization reaction, Friedel-Crafts reaction, reduction reaction, addition reaction, condensation reaction, Grignard reaction and substitution reaction, etc. Inner Mongolia Yida Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2018, with a registered capital of CNY 40. Our plant is located on the east side of Zhongcheng Road in the Industrial Park of Wuda District in Wuhai City. The first phase of the project covers a total area of ​​87,000 square meters, and the total investment of the project after construction and production is CNY 200 million; the second phase of construction land is 54,000 square meters. It is planned to start preparations and construction in April 2020. The construction period is 12 months. After it is put into operation, the total investment of the project is CNY 570 million.

Our company currently has 85 employees, including administrative personnel, production process technicians, engineering construction technicians, warehouse managers and guards. Based on the business philosophy of "survive by quality and development by reputation", and focusing on the development of new products and the training of talents, our company strives to develop into a large-scale enterprise gradually. Following market demands, and taking customer satisfaction as itenet, our company works hard to realize quality promises to all customers in the society in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2000 standards.

The future development direction and expectations of our company: From the perspective of project economic analysis, all economic indexes of this project exceed the specified requirements. This project has not only good economic benefits and financial viability, but also has a certain degree of anti-risk ability. Based on local and the development perspective of the enterprise, this investment project is feasible and economically reasonable. From a macro perspective, this investment conforms to the national development policy of China and has good social benefits.